Completed in 2018, Thaden Fieldhouse is our base of operations at the Bentonville Municipal Airport.

Constructed in 2018, Thaden Fieldhouse is our base of operations at the Bentonville Municipal Airport.

As a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), we provide a multitude of services for pilots and passengers, both local and transient:


Full Service Fuel: Jet A and 100LL


Courtesy Cars

Rental Cars


Pilot Lounge with Snooze Rooms


Flight School


FAA Knowledge Testing Center

Scenic Flights


Conference Room

OZ1 Flying Club

OZ1 Flying Club is the largest flying club in Northwest Arkansas. We are a non-profit club with the goal of making aviation more affordable and accessible for all.

We offer a unique social experience with our luxurious member lounge located on the upper floor of the Fieldhouse, where you can relax and share a meal with friends, conduct productive business meetings, or enjoy one of our many aviation-focused social events.

Our flying members can gain access to well-maintained and highly-capable aircraft such as the backcountry-focused Aviat Husky, the versatile and capable Cessna 182, and the fast and modern Cirrus SR22.



Hungry? Louise is a restaurant and all-day cafe offering restaurant-quality cuisine with an airport diner experience.

Whether you’re a local or you’re flying in from out of town, you can enjoy made-to-order breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner items while overlooking Lake Bentonville and the unique operations of the Bentonville Airport.

Dig into a stack of made-from-scratch pancakes paired with “the best cup of airport coffee in the country” for breakfast or brunch, or enjoy a classic “$100 Hamburger” for lunch or dinner as you watch airplanes and helicopters take off and land. It’s an experience matched by few other restaurants in the world!