2019 rental Rates and Certificate Estimates


Aircraft Rental Rates for 2019:

Headset Maintenance Fee            $5/use

Elite Simulator                             $0/hr with CFI, $45/hr Solo

Guimbal Cabri G2 $300/hr Wet (Includes Fuel)

Piper J3 Cub – N3426N               $89/hr Wet

Super Legend Cub – N787KQ $135/hr Wet

Cessna 152 – N65965                 $110/hr Wet

Cessna 152 – N305DW              $110/hr Wet

Cessna 172L – N9866G               $130/hr Wet

Cessna 172N – N733VR           $140/hr Wet

Cessna 172N – N137AL             $140/hr Wet

Cessna 172N – 172WN $160/hr Wet

Cessna 172S G1000 – N840MC   $150/hr Wet

Cessna 182M – N92099              $160/hr Wet

Cessna 182RG – N10GL             $175/hr Wet

A minimum of 3 hours per day is charged when a 172 or 152 is rented for a full day or multiple days. On other aircraft please discuss with Summit directly your needs. Fuel purchased is reimbursed at a rate no higher than Summit’s current fuel prices. Prices do not include taxes on rental.


Aircraft Instruction Rates

Add flight instruction charges to the rental rates listed above.

Flight instruction is not taxed.

Other Rates            

-   Airplane Flight Instruction: $60/hr

- Helicopter Flight Instruction: $75/hr

- Tailwheel Instruction: $75/hr

-   Ground Instruction: $60/hr

-   Pilot Services SEL: $60/hr

-   Flight Instruction in non-Summit Aircraft: $60/hr