VA Benefits for Flight Training

Interested in becoming a professional pilot? The VA may cover a portion of your flight training if you qualify under various Educational Benefit Programs.

  • Coverage varies widely, typically between 40- 100% of flight training costs
  • Benefits can be used for the Instrument and Commercial Pilot ratings at Summit.*
  • Summit offers a number of other Pilot courses to further your career.

So what now?

Call Summit at 479-254-0817 to set up a discovery flight and meeting with one of our VA Certifying Officials for more information.

Call 1-888-GIBILL1 for questions concerning your personal eligibility for educational benefits.


  • The VA will NOT cover initial Private Pilot training at this time. However, Pilot Financing may be available to you through Pilot Finance inc.
  • All VA pilot students must be able to hold at least a 2nd Class Medical Certificate.

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