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Summit Aviation Flight Instructors

Steve Clifford

  Art Formanek

Chip Gibbons

  Blake Lambert

Lucas Nunley

  Dan Wilkins

Jamie Beckett
Chief Instructor

  Greg Fogle
Part Time

    Greg has been flying for 25 years and truly enjoys flying with people who are just learning or who may want to knock the rust off older flying skills that havn't been used in a while.
     If night flying or cross wind landings bother you more than you prefer or perhaps you would like to regain that confidence in instrument conditions, it may take only a couple of hours to find that confidence of proficiency again; we can add a flight review or an IPC while we're at it!
     If you're looking for something new, perhaps a cross country confidence trip would be a great way to put it all together and enjoy travel at the same time.
Dave  Willis
Part Time

    Hello to all the readers of these bios. If youíre looking at these I assume youíre thinking about learning to fly, I would encourage you to do what it takes to learn to fly with me or any of the instructors youíll see on these pages.
     About me Ė born January 27th 1946 Ė yes Iím officially a senior citizen! I first flew in the very early 70ís at which time I earned my private pilot license and like so many others married had children and didnít fly for oh about 30 years. I got back into flying in the late 90ís and earned my instrument rating. That was so much fun I got my commercial license and then a multi-engine rating. In 2008 I earned my CFI/CFII and ground instructor ratings. In August of 2011 I earned my MEI. To date I have worked with a number of students who have earned the license or rating they were seeking. I can help you earn yours as well.
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