Our Fleet


Cessna 152

We have two Cessna 152s in Summit inventory. This airplane is the most economical choice for certificate training. It is a 2 seat training aircraft with renowned ease of use and stability. 

  • 305DW

  • N65965

$110/hr (with fuel) 


Garmin GPS


Cessna 172

We have four Cessna 172s in Summit inventory. This four seat trainer aircraft offers more speed and high load capacities for travel and more room for larger customers. 

  • N733VR

  • N137AL

  • N9866G

  • N840MC

Range $130-150/hr (with fuel) 



Garmin G1000 (Only in N840MC)

3 are WAAS Certified


Our multi-engine training is offered in our 1958 Beechcraft TravelAir. The light twin aircraft has a similiar fuselage as the Beechcraft Bonanza.

$230/hr wet

160kts cruise speed 

180hp Twin Lycoming O-360 engines

cessna 182

Check out our Cessna 182M with over size tires for your back country pleasure. This aircraft offers 10-15% better fuel economy with IFR capabilities and higher load carrying capacities for your most efficient traveling needs. The 182 has a climb rate of 980ft per minute.

$160/hr (with fuel) N92099

Want to get away for a vacation? Our Cessna 182RG is the perfect choice for you! The 182RG has retractable landing gear with 265HP and a climb rate of 1200ft per minute for an improved improved 20% climb and cruise speed over fixed gear 182 performance. We also offer Complex High Performance training in the aircraft.

$175/hr (with fuel) N10GL

230hp (N92099) 

265hp (N10GL) 

Retractable Landing Gear (N10GL) 



Piper Cub J3

The most popular tailwheel aircraft at Summit is our Piper J3 Cub. Our Yellow Beauty; built in 1946 is a two seat high wing, single engine, tail wheel aircraft with conventional landing gear.

We offer light sport and tail wheel training in the Cub. Looking to fly back country to local grass strips?

$89/hr wet



Looking for your CFI or Commercial rating? Our Piper Arrow is the best choice for you. Affordably fly cross country with no overnight fees!

$145/hr (with fuel) 


135kts cruise speed 

Retractable Landing Gear