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Altitude Chamber In OKC

Focus on better preparing pilots to recognize and deal with hypoxia-related problems. The FAA offers a free course dealing with both academic side of the high altitude environment, as well as practical demo's of rapid decompression, loss of visual acuity at night, and hypoxia. 
We will be sending a number of aircraft from our flight school on which seats will be available for a pro-rata share. Or feel free to take your own aircraft! MUST RSVP BY 10/13!

Do not sign up if:

  • You do not have a valid medical
  • You have a respiratory infection 
  • You have a beard you are unwilling to shave
  • You plan to scuba dive, donate blood, or drink in the preceding 24 hrs
  • You are less than 18 years of age


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to Nov 5

Trigger Gap RAF Fly-In

The Recreational Aviation Foundation is hosting a Fly-In/ Camp-out event at Trigger Gap. Recreational flying is our passion and we want to share our enthusiasm with you!

  • 3 Miles South of 4M1 (Carroll County)
  • Fly-In/ Camp-out
  • Canoe the Kings River (Weather and Water Permitting, Reservations Required)
  • Backcountry Fly-Outs
  • Tour Eureka Springs

For more information and canoe trip reservations call:

Harper Goodwin 817-938-3334 or Dave Powell at 479-254-0817

Official event starts on Saturday. However, some will be flying in on Friday for an extended stay.

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Fall Flour Drop

Come on guys, we've all wondered about dropping stuff out of an airplane... I mean I sure have. Now is the time to do it! We will set a target on the field and you have 1 chance to hit it. Think that's an easy task? Think again!
Join us for burgers, and fun THIS Thursday, starting at 5 pm.
Not interested in throwing flour? That's ok, come eat with us and watch the bad aim. Trust me, there will be some bad ones!

RSVP to:

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