Fall Events with Summit Aviation


These next few weeks we have PLENTY of activity around here.

Take this opportunity to join us in the best time of the year to fly. First, we are hosting a flour drop THIS Thursday. Next, is the Altitude Chamber in OKC and in November is the Trigger Gap Flying-In/Camp-Out!
Recreational Aviation is what we are passionate about. We host these events to share our enthusiasm of General Aviation with you! 

OPEN SPOTS in the OKC Altitude Chamber

Deadline to register for the Altitude Chamber is this Friday the 13th.

  • Tuesday, November 14th, 8 am 
  • Rent Summit aircraft with a pro-rata share (or fly your own) 

Fall Flour Drop

Come on guys, we've all wondered about dropping stuff out of an airplane... I mean I sure have. Now is the time to do it! We will set a target on the field and you have 1 chance to hit it. Think that's an easy task? Think again!
Join us for burgers, and fun THIS Thursday, starting at 5 pm.
Not interested in throwing flour? That's ok, come eat with us and watch the bad aim. Trust me, there will be some bad ones!
Payments are cash and check only, please

Trigger Gap RAF Fly-In

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) is hosting a Fly-In at Trigger Gap and anyone is welcome!
We will be sending a more detailed letter out about the fly-in this week.

  • Saturday 11/4- Sun 11/5 
  • Fly-In, Camp Out 
  • Canoe the Kings River (Weather and Water Permitting) 
  • Tour Eureka Springs 
  • Keep an eye out for our next e-mail 

Have questions or comments? Shoot me an email here! We'd love to hear from you.